Why choose FEOS for software solutions ?

More than 10 years experience in IT Software & Consulting Company! 

  Build quality on trust

FEOS has over 10 years of experience in software programming. Since 2008, FEOS's team has successfully implemented ERP projects for many different types of customers from state agencies directly under the provincial level to manufacturing enterprises with thousands of employees. Diverse ERP implementation experience also helps to ensure FEOS's ability to successfully implement ERP on complex projects with different requirements.

  Understand how business works

The biggest difficulty of software deployment units is understanding the business model and the actual operation of the enterprises. FEOS leaders are people with extensive experience directly operating businesses in many different fields such as trading companies, educational institutions, manufacturing plants, and outsourcing corporations. Therefore, FEOS is capable of consulting solutions to help improve business processes in the process of implementing ERP software projects for businesses.

 Decentralization and security

Information security is one of the top concerns in implementing enterprise management software systems. FEOS solutions always focus on preventing the possibility of unauthorized intrusion and internal information leakage by decentralizing multiple layers depending on the specific needs of each business. The full decentralization will help increase the security of business information for each content that is allowed to access.

  Device Integration

One of the strengths of FEOS is the ability to integrate the device into enterprise management software systems. Accordingly, businesses can request FEOS to integrate production equipment into the ERP system. Since then, business managers can capture the exact output, the number of defective goods, immediately in each segment of the production process. The display of information, and business management through the business management software system of FEOS can also be integrated into mobile devices to increase operational flexibility for businesses.


One of the major difficulties for businesses in implementing business management software systems is the time for employees in the enterprise to understand and manipulate proficiently in the transition from the old operating model to the operating model. application of advanced technology. The display of reports and operation functions designed by FEOS are easy to understand and close to help users take less time to get used to and use them proficiently.

  Flexible and ready for future upgrades, integrations and expansions

Each solution group deployed by FEOS is a module in the overall ERP solution. Therefore, the ability to expand and integrate among other groups of solutions is completely not limited. The ERP platform helps the system to meet all the improvement, adjustment and expansion needs of the business in the future.

 Reasonable cost with a comprehensive business management software system and meet security needs

Shared systems (which charge monthly per number of users) for a specific need have very low fees that are suitable for micro businesses or simple operating models. However, the sharing system will not be able to meet the requirements of larger businesses with separate management processes, more stages, requiring higher rights and data security. Business administration software deployed by FEOS can handle all of the above requirements at reasonable cost. FEOS's ERP software implementation can be divided into phases to reduce investment costs and evaluate the effectiveness of partial implementation.

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