ERP Software deployed by FEOS


ERP software deployed by FEOS is built on a comprehensive modularized ERP system, oriented towards the overall corporate governance method, solving multi-management career. FEOS's business management software system can help solve management problems for businesses, operating units, management and operation to improve and improve production and business efficiency.

Advantages of ERP software deployed by FEOS:

   Modern technology:

ERP software deployed by FEOS is a product developed on the Odoo open source ERP platform, based on the Python programming language and PostgreSQL Server database.

The database of ERP is optimally designed to handle Big Data for customers.

  Openable, flexible & highly customizable design:

The system is flexibly designed in a 3-layer model (MVC), so this ERP system always satisfies customizations according to different management practices.

  Actively support decisions in production and business activities:

The structure of ERP software deployed by FEOS is built from the Odoo ERP platform, and is rated in the Top 5 best open source ERP systems in the world. The overall management-oriented system, based on the academic theory of ERP, allows synchronous connection between all departments in the enterprise, flexible in designing forms and newspapers. report, with multiple interface screens to meet any business requirements of all departments or specific industry areas.

With this business management software, production and business management activities will be continuously updated and connected directly with departments and personnel directly related to the arising operations. Brief warning information as well as time reports are constantly updated through the Overview screen, helping the management level to make timely and accurate support decisions. , from which to easily handle your work and make decisions.

  The system is fully modularized and open on a solid foundation:

Business activities of an Enterprise are always changing and developing constantly. Therefore, the software system is required to be able to flexibly structure according to the size of the business and develop over time with the business. This will usually be a challenge for a standalone software or a framed design software system and would be very serious for software or systems that were not designed by the organization. good due to lack of a theoretical foundation for management systems (MIS - Management Information System) or the theory of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP - Enteprise Resource Planning), due to a certain scale there will be a platform deadlock system architecture.

Thanks to its extremely flexible and fully modularized design, this software system not only allows easy configuration, installation or removal of feature modules in each module, but also allows connectivity. through API with external software based on the needs of each business.

  Friendly interface, minimalistic and modern design

The corporate administration software interface is also designed to be modular, which can be installed to customize according to different interfaces. The default interface is flat, modern, minimalistic and true to the current design language in the world, making it convenient and easy for users to manipulate and quickly understand and get used to. set of features.

  Information security:

ERP software deployed by FEOS allows to manage program access by user login name and password. Access can be managed by IP-range address on request. Decentralized system according to rights group (Access Group), role (Access Role) and user (Users), by processing function (add new, edit, delete, ...) and details to each information field of certificate from. Allows to record the entire user's operation log as well as the exchange of information with related parties, especially the program can record both the old value and the new value when manipulating the above data. each document.


Each business has a lot of departments as well as employees involved in its operating process. The coordination of the implementation of the tasks as well as the centralization and consistency of data among employees and departments is very important. Therefore, all these activities need to be set up in a sequence of steps so that the updating and processing of data are correct. This software system is built into standard business processes to help departments and employees easily promote the completion of tasks without wasting time exchanging and receiving unnecessary information. Processes can be tailored according to the needs of the business operations of the business

Task operation sequence will automatically transition (transition) automatically from the previous node to the following process point according to the work order (workflow) designed on the software. Each employee with his / her user-granted authority simply completes his or her task and the results of the previous task are automatically linked to the next system module of the business process, and at the same time. display warnings on icons notifying users at the next stage of the process, through the status (displayed in status bars) of the software transactions.

The basic modules in business management software that FEOS provides

ERP software deployed by FEOS is designed according to each module (Apps), each Apps has links to one or more different Apps or Technical Modules with the aim of easy management, decentralization and perform user operations as well as help structure the system (scale up / down) according to the size of the company is the most accurate and stable. The basic modules of the software include:

  • CRM

  • Sales

  • POS

  • Purchase

  • Inventory

  • Assets

  • Human Resource

  • Manufacturing

  • Project

  • Fleet

  • e-Commerce

  • Accounting

The ERP software solution deployed by FEOS is tailor-made software based on an existing core platform, so in addition to the basic modules, other modules such as maintenance management, translation management logistics services, after-sales services ... will be additionally developed depending on the professional scale requirements of each business. These new modules will be designed into one or a group of unified modules with a core platform that is coherent, data inheritance but can also operate relatively independently, in each module will cover includes many different professional functions.