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Software Solution Provider FEOS

Vien Dong Co., Ltd was established in May 2008 with the initial goal to provide online services and provide software solutions for businesses in Vietnam market. The FEOS brand comes from the English name Far East Online Services. FEOS's initial target customers were foreign businesses established in Vietnam.

With the development of the market, the business administration work has become more and more complex with the participation of many processes, papers, systems and the number of employees. With the aim of helping the business management to be faster, more accurate and efficient, the FEOS team has focused on developing company products towards enterprise management software applying ERP solutions for small and medium businesses. ERP solutions solution provided by FEOS gives businesses a professional working environment with clear assignments on a continuous, non-repetitive process, eliminates redundant tasks such as data entry and allows the system to perform advanced calculations within minutes. 

In 2017, in order to increase brand awareness, FEOS Software Co., Ltd. was officially established on the foundation of Vien Dong Online Co., Ltd.

On January 2020, FEOS was acquired by GoStuffs LLC, a global IT solutions provider founded in California in Irvine, California, USA.  With extensive experiences and rich expertise, FEOS poses to be a major IT pioneer and trusted partner in Vietnam.

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