Device Integration
Integrate device into business administration software

Why device integration is so important?

Nowadays, enterprises use many peripheral devices in business management activities and in production and business activities. These devices can be simple devices such as timekeeping machines, product bar code readers or complex machines such as analytical systems or production automation equipment. A corporate management software system is considered effective only if it integrates parameters of most of the enterprise's peripheral devices in order to achieve the goal of “a single integrated system all activities of the business ".

FEOS Software Company has integration capabilities
IoT devices into enterprise administration software

In addition to mainstream programming expertise, FEOS's developer team also includes members trained in advanced electronics. Therefore, FEOS Software Company has the ability to integrate electronic devices into the management software system. This is the difference between FEOS and other software solution providers.

FEOS • Văn bản và Hình ảnh
FEOS • Văn bản và Hình ảnh

What devices can FEOS integrate and connect the ERP system with?

Barcode scanners

Allows access to related data via barcode scanning device. The device connects wirelessly / wired with the ERP system through the IoT Box

Printers & Barcode Printers

Support for warehouse operations management, product tracking, production management. The printer can connect wirelessly / wired with the ERP system through the IoT Box

Push Button Sensor

Application to connect product counting operations in production management, product quality inspection. Connect the ERP system through the IoT Box

Infrared Obstruction Sensor

Counting the number of finished products, semi-finished products, ... in production management. Connect the ERP system through the IoT Box